Fall is my absolute favorite time of year to take photos! You really can’t beat the colors and the beautiful autumn sunlight!

After having to reschedule with the Wilner family because of the rain, I was so happy to have a sunny day. It happened to be the windiest day yet and also very chilly, but they somehow managed and smiled through it all!

Shannon and Sean are high school sweethearts and even from the hour I spent with them, it was so evident how much they love and care about each other. They are amazing parents to their two-year old girly, Taylor!

Apparently her school recently called Shannon to inform her that Taylor would not take her photo on picture day.. After this session with her, I am absolutely shocked! She was a saint and it was like she was made to be in front of the camera! Even through her shivers she continued to look at me and smile. Just so sweet!! We took frequent breaks so she could bundle up in her momma’s jacket to warm up :)

Enjoy these sweet Fall family photos.