Rachel emailed me a few weeks ago to see if I had any time for a last minute newborn session. She was due to give birth in the next week or so and wanted to get on my calendar!

We chose a date a few weeks out and then within a few hours, I got another email saying, “I actually just went into labor so maybe we should plan something earlier!!” I was so excited when she told me her and her husband, Bobby, had a little girl! They named her Charlotte, but are calling her Charlie. How cute is that?!

Her name isn’t the only thing that’s cute!!.. This little girl is not only beautiful, but she was also an absolute angel for her photo session! It’s like she knew I was there to take her photos. Other than a few cries as I changed her, baby girl was either fast asleep or quietly alert, looking around the room. It made for absolutely perfect photos!

Despite all the rain we had on Sunday, Charlie’s nursery surprisngly was full of light! I love the way Bobby and Rachel decorated their first born’s room. The colors and simple touches are just perfect.

Enjoy photos of this sweet girl!