One month ago, Hallie Rae Paulovkin was born. Capturing her birth was by far the most memorable photography experience I’ve had to date. 

Anna Grace and her husband Kevin beautifully captured our wedding day in August of 2017 and we have remained friends since! We go to the same church and Tommy and I have gotten to spend many Sunday’s with their sweet two year old, Payton, while volunteering in the nursery!

I was absolutely thrilled to find out they were pregnant with their second and even more thrilled when AG emailed me about birth and fresh 48 photos. I knew it would be an amazing opportunity but I didn’t quite understand just how special it would be!

Hallie’s due date was Sunday, October 21st but she clearly was SUPER comfy because she didn’t make her appearance until the following Friday, October 26th!

Around 1 PM on Friday, I went to St. Joes and the waiting game began! Around 8:45 PM, Kevin called me in and after two pushes Hallie made her debut at 9:02pm!! I was in tears watching the whole thing! Childbirth is simply incredible. 

After being cleaned off, Hallie was measured and weighed, given her shots, and swaddled up tightly so Kevin and Ag could hold her!

The next day, I went back to the hospital and did some family photos of the four of them! Payton wasn’t so sure about her new role as big sister, but we managed to still get a few :)

Enjoy these photos!