As many of you know, I am a part-time newborn photographer at Mercy Hospital. On an average day, I see between 10-20 babies! As exciting and adorable as they all are, there’s something so special about meeting one that I know I’ll be able to watch grow up! 

What’s even more special is that his momma is my cousin and used to babysit me back in the day!

My cousin, Carly, and her husband, Brian, recently welcomed home their second boy, Sawyer. I loved getting to meet him a few weeks back. He is a tiny little one and so sweet and alert!

It was really neat seeing his older brother, Rowe, with him as well. It seems like just yesterday I was visiting their home after they welcomed Rowe to the world!

Rowe did great with Sawyer (even though there might have been a little m&m bribery...)!

Congrats Carly & Brian!